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Scope Control

The degree of accuracy of the Project Scope can determine the contracting strategy to be used for the Project. Inexperienced evaluation can lead to down stream contractual surprises for the client. Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd's experience can provide the rationale to configure the strategy best suited to the client’s project.

The 1st element of the project triangle requires the ability to assemble, develop and complete an unambiguous Project Scope document with the ability to monitor and revise the documentation in a controlled environment.

An accurate and complete scope forms the foundation of all successful projects. An inadequate scope coupled with an inappropriate contract strategy will produce work inefficiencies, overruns and delays with consequential costly variations.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd have the experience to develop the Project Scope documentation and the appropriate Contract Strategy. Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd can provide the contract documentation customised to the Project and the Client’s requirements.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd provides the Scope Control element of Project Management through the services of:

  • Client Project Representative
  • Contract Administration
  • Communications
  • Co-ordination
  • Document Control

Client Project Representative

As the Client Project Representative, Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd will:

  • Co-ordinate, monitor and report on the programmed activities of the Project Team.
  • Assemble, co-ordinate and critique the Design Scope Documentation
  • Assist the Client on the establishment of the Project Requirements, Boundaries and
    Strategic Objectives.
  • Advise on trends, look-ahead's and corrective action where and when required.
  • Develop and analyse “What If's” for risk assessments on the Project.
Contract Administration

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd has extensive experience in developing the Contract Strategy best suited to the particular Project and the business climate pertaining to the Project Schedule. Our contract development encompasses Consultant, Main Contractor, Engineering Design Contractor, Builder and Trade Contractor contracts.

In parallel with the Tendering Process, Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd can analyse and evaluate the contract compliance requirements of the bidders.

Throughout the life of the Project, Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd can provide any required contract administration with action reports, where deemed necessary for the successful completion of the Project.


“Get the clear, concise message out to the right people at the right time with known and understood follow-up”

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd have invested in “state-of-the-art” communications in both our Dublin and Belfast offices.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd operates a transmittal system that is integral with the Document Control process. The transmittal system insures that a particular communication is released to the correct designee with noted action and recorded receipt.

Meetings are held to a pre-planned agenda and Project Notes are taken for confirmation of content to be released through Document Control.


Hedderman Stanley, using the appropriate means of communication to a particular situation, will co-ordinate the activities of the principal stakeholders of the Project. We will co-ordinate the timely flow of design information between the design groups and the schedule conforming release of construction documentation to the site contractors.

Document Control

The importance of Document Control to the successful completion of any project should not be underestimated. Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd operates both a “paper trail” and “softcopy trail” process. Our process can cover all aspects of the Project through the stages of development, design and construction.

Cost Control

Predictability, accuracy and timeliness in project budget forecasting and tracking are a core function of Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd business.

The ability to forecast and track budgets within the agreed tolerance is fundamental to the cost control of a project. From inception to close-out it is essential to know exactly what costs are committed, what payments are made, what payments are outstanding, the "yet to buy" and allowances for variations. Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd’s experienced methodology and technology have continuously proved themselves to our satisfied clients.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd have demonstrated consistency in forecasting and tracking the finance required and when it is required on large industrial projects through the meticulous attention to detail by our teams of multi disciplined Project Managers, Project/Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd provides the Cost Control element of Project Control through the resources of:

  • Cost Management
  • Quantity Surveying

Cost Management

The Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd Cost Management team consisting of Quantity Surveyor’s and Finance Administrators who develop the Project Management Cost Reports for each stage of the Project.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd employ a Progressive "Close-Out" process to the works enabling control and payment for work completed only. Final Accounts are then not the traditional nightmare of old.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd also employ the Work Release Approval process whereby a Project Management and Contractor approval loop is completed for all works including variations before a priced work item is released to construction. This eliminates the “After-the–Fact” cost “surprises”.

Quantity Surveying

Refer to Our Services – Quantity Surveying

Schedule Control

Where Project Scope completeness is relevant to the accuracy of the Project Schedule so the schedule accuracy is relevant to the integrity of the Project Cost forecasting. All 3 elements of Project Control Triangle are interlinked and none are less important than the others.

It is important to develop a definitive single source schedule as a reference point for all parties that encompasses all the project activities of Planning, Design, Purchasing/Contracts, Construction, Fit-Out and Commissioning. On a complex project the timescales are dynamic such that as work is completed, milestones improved or missed, it is critical that information flow is timely and seamless to allow the project team to react accordingly in a proactive and positive manner.

Using the latest Primavera P3 and Microsoft Project scheduling tools, Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd have the ability to create, develop and revise comprehensive schedules featuring logic links tailored to the complexity of a project.

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd provides the Schedule Control element of The Project Control Triangle through the services of:

  • Program Planning
  • Program Maintenance
  • Program Reporting

Program Planning

Hedderman Stanley & Associates Ltd utilise either MS Project or Primavera P3 as programming tools dependent on the size and complexity of the Works. Project Milestones are identified and agreed with the Client enabling the required sequencing of construction programming, the durations and dependency of the necessary operations. Ideally, the Project Milestones should be determined prior to Tendering to enable contractual agreements.

Program Maintenance

Constant monitoring of the various programmed activities performance must be maintained throughout the life of the Project. This enables the required focus on the Milestones attainment trends so that early actions can be initiated to achieve targets. On certain types of corrective action it can be advantageous to operate a “taskforce” approach with a micro-program to achieve the required result.

Program Reporting

Early and regular reporting of the Project Program is essential for the Project wellbeing. The Hedderman Stanley Project Manager understands the importance of maintaining the Project Team’s awareness of the schedule performance so that “surprises” are eliminated.

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