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European Regional Project Control
A confidential Semiconductor client with diverse construction projects across Europe was experiencing difficulty in coordinating multiple multi discipline projects, resulting in missed milestones and claims from sub contractors due to protracted decision making. Hedderman Stanley designed and developed software featuring a common reporting template in tabulated format.

Subsequently each of the clients project managers across the European region were able to report and identify risks in a common risk assessment format. This allowed senior management to analyse the risk assessment data and prioritise resources accordingly, resulting in dramatically reduced claims.
Scheduling - Coordinated Shutdown Scheduling
A continuous manufacturing facility was being exposed to multiple shutdowns essentially through a lack of a coordinated scheduling tool. By developing a common scheduling and reporting IT system Hedderman Stanley were able to promote significant cost savings by offering a streamlined system which allowed factory shutdown to be detailed and coordinated, minimising or negating the requirement for multiple factory shutdowns.
Scheduling - Microsoft Project
We also have the expertise to build the logic links of the root and branch scheduling effort required to help solidify the overall project schedule. By exporting P3 data into MS Project and performing task reviews with the multi disciplines involved in the project it is possible to build a schedule that is transparent to all parties and which promotes no surprises.
Scheduling - P3 data export and manipulation
Most modern industrial projects utilise P3 scheduling. Hedderman Stanley have a proven track record or exporting, manipulating and formatting data into formats which can be distributed to the people who most need it - the Project Managers and Construction Coordinators.
Scoping - Change Control
An important element of Project Management is Change Control. Hedderman Stanley offer the development of tailored change control software which allows the client to track every change every time.
Scoping - Quantity surveying strategy
Hedderman Stanley were appointed a brief to review the Quantity Surveying (QS) strategy for industrial Mechanical and Electrical (M+E) installations. As client's representative the Quantity Surveyors were originally tasked with performing an independent "re-measure" of the respective M+E installation, often leading to delays in reaching an agreement with the associated M+E firms on the bill of quantities involved.
By refining the contract strategy to a "reconciliation" approach it was possible to introduce a period whereby the QS and M+E firms agreed the quantities in a proactive manner, often even before trade activities had begun in the field. This led to improved predictability with respect to certification of payments and invoicing.
Scoping - Contract Strategy Review
Hedderman Stanley were awarded the brief to review the contract structure between a design firm, their client and the trade subcontractors associated with the construction activities. On review it was discovered that a condition of contract had evolved whereby the design firm were responsible for providing all the bill of materials associated with the design. On further investigation it was discovered that invariably the trade subcontractors elected to prepare their own bill of materials, resulting in duplication of effort.
By preparing a revision to the contract it was possible to allocate risk areas of demarcation to which the design firm and the contractor were specifically responsible for, ultimately resulting in cost savings to the client and removal of duplication of effort
New Apartment Building @ Culcavey Road, Hillsborough, County Antrim
Project Overview: Construction of new apartment building @Culcavey Road, Hillsborough, County Antrim.
Service Provided: Quantity Surveying Services.
Client: Brackenhill Ltd.

Other Consultants:
Architect: Alan Bennett Architects
Contractor: IDP Building Services
Planning Supervisor: Anderson Williamson Ltd
Structural Engineers: Albert Fry Associates
M & E Engineers: FM Stewart Associates

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